WESCOTT ANNUAL SPRING CLEAN UP WILL BE HELD APRIL 26TH THROUGH APRIL 29TH ON YOUR REGULAR GARBAGE/RECYCLING PICK UP DAY !! The following items will be accepted: 1) Appliances 2) Furniture 3) Scrap Metal 4) Electronic Items (tickets for disposal of electronic items must be purchased at the Town Office). Please separate all items into piles of like material (metal with metal, furniture with furniture, etc.) Please have all items placed roadside no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before your regular pick up day and no later than 7 a.m. the day of your regular pick up day. The Town WILL NOT PICK UP: tires, yard waste, waste oil, hazardous chemicals or building materials. Please make sure your garbage & recycling bins are not blocked by any items placed roadside and are easily accessible to the garbage/recycling truck. If you have questions, please contact the Town of Wescott Office at 715-526-9853 ext. 1.