About Us

The Town of Wescott was established in 1901 after separating from the Town of Richmond.

The Town of Wescott (The Mooseyard), Shawano County, is located just north of the City of Shawano and approximately 35 miles Northwest of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Wescott is primarily a tourist town with some of the best lakes and restaurants in Shawano County. Situated on 9,612 acres, the Town of Wescott is the second largest municipality in Shawano County with the largest number of land parcels.

Wescott’s nickname, “The Mooseyard”, originated from an old story re-told throughout the years by the local residents. The story states that many years ago a farmer owned a mule named Moose that liked to jump out of his pen at night and roam the yards of Wescott looking for neighboring gardens to feast in. Residents took this problem to the Town Board in the hopes of saving their crops. After further investigation by the Town Board, they found that Moose was indeed guilty of the charges and ordered the farmer to keep the animal locked in the barn at night to avoid further thefts. Thus, the inception of the nickname Mooseyard has been associated with Wescott ever since.

We are proud to offer our residents many services such as garbage and recycling, road maintenance, a volunteer fire department with up to date equipment and facilities, and a top notch EMS department. We also offer wonderful eating establishments such as fine dining and local convenience stores, parks, campgrounds, four (4) beautiful lakes to enjoy, and a relaxing scenic drive. The Wescott area offers opportunities for bicycling, fishing, golfing, boating, snowmobiling and cross county skiing. We also have a county park that has a wonderful beach area for swimming as well as picnic area. Come March each year, the local establishments organize a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is enjoyed by many people throughout the area.

We cater to all four seasons here in Wescott. Come visit and relax with us today. We’ll show you what warm, friendly hospitality feels like.