The Town of Wescott is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. With the state order of SaferAtHome expected to be mandated tomorrow, March 24, 2020, we have deemed it necessary to declare a State of Emergency for the Town of Wescott. We are urging residents to follow these state mandates to continue to keep each other safe and healthy. Not only will this State of Emergency assist in keeping our staff and residents safe, it will allow the Town to potentially obtain available Federal Funding provided to local municipalities during this time.

Please note that while this in effect, we will continue to do our best to provide all essential services which include garbage and recycling pick-up, and services related to the upcoming election. However, our Recycling Center and Burnsite will be closed.

We will continue to keep you as informed as possible related to changes that may continue to take place with your local government.



WHEREAS, a novel strain of the coronavirus, named COVID-19 has spread throughout numerous countries, including the United States; and

WHEREAS, the World Health Organization has declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern; and

WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers issued Order #72 relating to a Proclamation Declaring a Health Emergency in Response to COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, it is expected that on March 24, 2020 the State of Wisconsin will mandate a SaferAtHome order closing all non-essential businesses and services statewide.

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to sections 323.11 and 323.14 (4) of the Wisconsin State Statutes, the Town of Wescott hereby declares a local State of Emergency for the Town of Wescott. During the State of Emergency, it is hereby ordered that the Town of Wescott will make all of its resources available to adopt, implement, and support all actions and recommendations of Federal, State and County public health agencies. 


  1. All in-person meetings and gatherings involving Town employees, staff and/or elected officials are suspended for the duration of this emergency.
  2. All Town of Wescott non-essential personnel will either work from home or be excused from work.
  3. All Town sponsored events will either be cancelled or rescheduled during the emergency.
  4. Public access to Town facilities shall be limited.  To the extent possible, all operations shall be made available on-line and/or available for external drop off to the Town.
  5. All Town of Wescott business travel is suspended for the duration of the emergency.
  6. The Town may take further action deemed reasonable and necessary to prevent exposure to and/or spread of COVID-19, including complying with all federal, state and county laws, rules and/or orders that they may issue.
  7. Further suspensions of applicable ordinances, resolutions, and town policies may be taken should the circumstances warrant them necessary, in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Shawano.

Under 32.14(4)(b) of the Wisconsin State Statutes, this proclamation shall be subject to ratification, alteration, modification or repeal by the governing body as soon as that body can meet, but the subsequent action taken by the governing body shall not affect the proper validity of this proclamation. 

As Chief Elected Official of the Town of Wescott in testimony whereof I, Brian Moesch, Town Chairperson, have hereunto set my hand and have caused the great seal of the Town of Wescott to be affixed.

THIS DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY for the Town of Wescott is hereby enacted on the 23rd day of March 2020.